I usher you into your day of joy unspeakable , you shall step into that land, that land you have been seeing. Don’t worry about the battles to get there, because they will always come. God has a reason for everything , but in the end, your patience and trust in Him shall speak for you. Recently a pastor and his wife who have been believing God for the fruit of the womb for Sixteen years finally brought forth their baby. This is not the first pastor, as a matter of fact , this is the fourth among the pastors that I know personally. The first set brought forth their baby after Eleven years. The second was after fifteen years ( with a set of twins) , the third had a child but only gave birth to their second child after eleven years and now the fourth after sixteen years ! God is good.
Why am I talking about this today? It is just to let you know that this “thing”  has no respect for anyone. As a matter of fact, sometimes the closer you are to God the the fiercer the battles, challenges etc. But should we be scared to serve God better each day? The answer is a capital ‘NO!’ Jesus told us there would be challenges but He did not stop there, He also said while going through these challenges we should be of good cheer because He has overcome for us already!. Stand firm people of God, the challenges are temporal, but the joy that shall come out of it shall be everlasting. Your baby must come forth at the end of it all. It has happened to so many people, you shall not be left out . Keep praising, keep dancing, keep rejoicing. Jesus saw beyond the cross and so, He was ready to go through the suffering. See beyond the challenges and trials, have the over-comer’s mentality. (Read through this testimony of Pastor and Deaconess Olufunso Akinlolu Ojo)

We became committed to kingdom service the moment we joined this commission and we made up our minds that we not seek for children anywhere again after several attempt and embarrassment from some doctors posing to have solutions all to no avail for 4 years after our marriage in 2000. We got passionately involved in kingdom promotion activities, sacrificial giving, soul winning and project offerings with the understanding that as we obeyed all the divine instruction of the God of Liberation Mandate He will definitely answer us.

My wife served in the communion and covenant rooms to the point of mockery but that did not deter her because she had the understanding that until a man is mocked, God cannot make you. The God of Bishop Oyedepo is truly a rewarder of those that diligently seek and serve him. In Shiloh 2013, we gave our SUV as Shiloh (a yearly international convention at the headquarters of Living Faith Church) secrifice that the heavens opened over us and we started experiencing breakthroughs in every area of our lives. Though several water passed under the bridge as regards to pressure from in-laws, mockery from friends and relatives, spiritual attacks and trials of faith but God kept us.

Furthermore, on the first day of 49days fasting and prayer I embarked upon, which was a day after the prophetic declaration of our state Pastor, that the witch that has been responsible for the delay of the manifestation of our testimony will die suddenly. It actually came to pass that the pharaoh died and the door of fruitfulnee was flung opened. We kept holding on to the word of God from Bishop that says, our father cannot be the baby maker and we His children will be baby beggers. Finally, in October 2015 ( after 15 years of marriage), my wife was confirmed pregnant and today after 16 years , we are proud custodians of God’s heritage , a beautiful wonderful baby girl.  Praise God.

No matter the delay, God is going to make you shine. This is your season of restoration!  Your baby must come. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.

Franky O