God wants you to always present your case, God wants you to let Him know why you think or feel He should step into your case, why should He act? The reasons are in His words— The Bible— Remember what Isaiah said in Isaiah 41:21 “Present your cause, saith the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the king of Jacob”          

While waiting for the fruit of the womb, no need to cry or fret, search out the reasons He should bless you with your baby/babies. Having children is a covenant right of every child of God or is He not the same God that said you should go, be fruitful and be productive? If so, send back His words to Him and when you have done that, wait in faith.    

Waiting patiently in faith is a major task that must be learnt, because the devil will always stick out its head to offend you and make you go against the ways of God. So, you must also learn how to go around him to survive. Often times, the trouble might just come from within, i.e your home. So many homes break-up for lack of children and most often, you find out there was practically nothing wrong with both of them ( unexplained infertility) . However, some do stick to each other and after some years, their babies start coming one after the other. What happened? , this is why it is called unexplained infertility!

There is no perfect home anywhere! We learn to manage ourselves (pardon me for using ” manage” here) but this is the right word I can come up with for now. If you do not have the Spirit of God, there is no way you can even ‘manage’ that home. If you actually prayed to God for your spouse and after some years, just because there are no children, you are now asking for a divorce, I think you should think again. Where are you going?—-who told you it will be better out there?—- Is he or she the one you prayed to God about?—Is it in God’s plan for you?– There are so many other questions. ——–Sarah pushed Abraham into doing something that was not in the plan of God for them, you remember? Read through Genesis. From that temptation, the world has never been the same.——- Think before you leap!

There is this folk tale I heard sometime ago about a man who loved his wife so much but felt he was going through challenges because of her. He met his friends to help him out but they all told him to send her back to her parents, but because he loved her, he decided to look for another solution. He met the most powerful medicine man in the village, who told him there was a solution to that. Happily the man told the medicine man he would pay any amount to solve the problem. After payment, the medicine man told him to go and dance naked in the market.” What?! ” asked the confused man,—– ” do you want the problem solved ?” came the medicine man. If you do, go and do just what I said.  After some deep thoughts, the man decided to go for it. He started dancing naked in the market and people heard that the great medicine man had told him to dance naked so that all the challenges he is having in his home  would stop! His friends came around, heard what the greatest medicine man said and one after the other, all of them went naked and joined him in the dance . In his amazement, he could not help but  point his finger, You!, even You!, oh my God, you! —– You all told me to send my wife away and now you are dancing too!!!!!!

Lesson—  There is no perfect home! God will give you the strength to stand the test of time, the grace to move on and that Spirit of supplication!. You can pray through it, hold on to God, He will make it happen for you! — Call your children forth! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.