The women that had challenges in the bible concerning the fruit of the womb are Sarah ( Isaac’s mum), Rebekah (Jacob’s mum), Rachel (Joseph’s mum), Samson’s mum, Hannah,( Samuel’s mum) Michal,  Saul’s daughter who was David’s wife for a period, The Shuanimite woman and finally,  Elizabeth ( John the Baptist’s mum). These women went through different challenges but in the end, their babies came forth except for Michal, Saul’s daughter who thought it shameful to dance and sing praises to God in public places!

The bible is a spiritual book of pictures, pictures of our destinies painted into scriptures. When you read about the trials and temptations these women went through before they finally gave birth and kind of relate it to whatever kind of delay you are going through now, your faith should come alive,  why? ! Because those women conquered and so, you too must conquer!

Sarah was stricken with age and according to her husband, her womb was dead. Sarah even laughed because she could not fathom how a woman of over ninety years could give birth! But when it was God’s time, she gave birth miraculously.

Rebekah, Isaac’s wife also had issues getting pregnant and the bible records that the husband interceded for her and God showed up. Hannah, Samuel’s mum was mocked and taunted by  her husband’s second wife. Bible records she had gone to Shiloh several times before  but in that day, she went angry with the situation! She even made a vow and God answered her. Samuel’s story in the bible is forever!

The Shuanimite woman was a rich and a godly woman who felt she had to do something for the man of God. She prepared an inn without expecting a pay back. But because she honored God’s servant God honored her not just with a child, later, God showed up for her,  when her child died, she went in faith to get Elisha and the baby came back to live. When Elisha by the Spirit saw famine coming, he informed her to depart from that city with her family. When she got back by divine intervention, all she lost was given back to her.

Rachel, Joseph’s mum, went through so much,  Genesis 30,  her sister was giving birth but she wasn’t.  The pain would have been so unbearable that she gave her servant to her husband so she could have children through her.  The servant gave birth  and her sister’s servant also gave birth through their husband!!!  But when God decided to show forth, she gave birth to Joseph  and the story of Joseph goes on and on.

In Judges 13, Manoah’s wife,  Samson’s mother had an encounter with  an Angel  from God who told her what would happen. Samson’s mum was called barren but she later gave birth to Samson who delivered the Israelites from the Philistine.

Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist was another woman who had past the age of giving birth. As a matter of fact, the husband because of unbelief was made deaf and dumb. He could not understand how they in their old age could still bring forth children but  John the Baptist was born  and eventually became the forerunner of Jesus Christ!

God is awesome!  Every ‘wait’ has a reward! A reward that will blow the minds of people!  All the children that were given birth to by these women, were all great men. It is no coincidence, your children are going to be born as wonder kids. But don’t be like Rachel complaining,  No!, Stand still and wait on the Lord patiently after doing your part. Your wait shall not be in vain!  U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.