Force!, is the only language that victory understands. To be a victor in this kingdom, you must forcefully take what is yours. When you cry, he (the enemy) laughs at you, when you get angry, he gives you more reasons to be angry and when you are angry, you don’t get what you want from God. The devil knows this, but when you use the right words and stay positive, he melts away. When all odds seems to be against you in this journey, don’t be scared , don’t cry , try as much as you can to hold on. If you have passed through it, you would know what it means. But if you can only turn a blind eye to whatever it is and focus on God, sending His words back to Him, reminding Him of what He has said concerning you, focus on your expected baby, those blocked doors will be flung opened for you. Stand your ground!! When we work and walk by faith , God is forced to come down to meet with us. Don’t keep thinking why me? or keep complaining, think and see your baby the way you want your baby to be. Your baby must come, keep pushing, your season is now!. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.

Franky. O