That vision or dream that you had about your baby is for an appointed time. Though it tarries, hold on without complains, hold on to God! Keep seeing your baby. God is just telling you not to give up, tenacity is the word! Sometimes, somebody comes to tell you about their dreams about you carrying your baby, gives thanks to God. Don’t start saying “Oh! when will this baby come, I have had several dreams too” just give God thanks for your baby! When your Tank is full, the water overflows. I mean when your thanksgiving fills up God’s ears, He steps down for your sake. Your situation cannot be worse than Sarah’s, No! It cannot be worse than that of Hezekiah, No! What about the woman with the issue of blood? You need to rise and take steps, No man is an Island, talk to experts in the field, visit them again!
I heard a story about an Anglican Priest who was laying hands on couples believing God for the fruit of the womb but he did not have a child. ( You know Anglican Priest get married unlike the Catholics) While laying hands one day according to what I heard, he heard someone say ” He is laying hands and he doesn’t have a child” in a mockery way. That was the Priest’s turning point because he looked up to God and reported the issue. He told God the guy was mocking Him (God) not him ( the priest) ? And God stepped in. He is now a dad. Every mockery you have received about the fruit of the womb, shall be turned into testimonies for you. Turn it all to God. Hold on!! Hold on to your dream! Your baby must come. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.