A tilted uterus can be caused by other conditions, which in themselves, can be barriers to fertility. Some of these are pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis or even pelvic surgery. The condition also seems to occur more frequently in women who are older or who have had children already. This makes it a possibility for women who are experiencing secondary unexplained infertility, which is the inability to conceive again after having children already.
Whatever the underlying cause, a tilted uterus might be one of the factors that is keeping you from getting pregnant. Some of the symptoms would be:
Pelvic pain, Pain during intercourse, Minor incontinence, Fertility issues.
In some rare cases, doctors will perform surgery to return the uterus to its normal position, but this is not done very often because the condition can reverse itself or it doesn’t cause problems for the person who has it.
Your doctor can diagnose you with a tilted uterus during a pelvic exam and may follow-up with an ultrasound imaging session to make sure that you actually have the condition and not something different.

Fibroid uterine cysts can mimic the feel of a tilted uterus during manual examination in your health care provider’s office. Once you know what you are dealing with, it will be easier to get started with a course of natural treatment that can help you overcome the fertility barrier that a tilted uterus can create.
Some of the causes of Tilted, prolapsed or malpositioned uterus are
falls,car accidents, overstretching during pregnancy/labor, resulting in weakened ligaments, running on concrete, chronic constipation, high-impact activities like dancing, aerobics, horseback riding, or gymnastics, wearing heels

Solutions for Tilted Uterus
A tilted uterus is a physical barrier to pregnancy and may or may not be accompanied by other problems that are keeping you from ultimately getting pregnant. There are actual things you can do to improve your fertility and increase your chances of achieving pregnancy and ultimately becoming a parent. The best solutions for this particular condition, because of its nature are self fertility massage and yoga.

Self Fertility Massage
The other solution for a mispositioned uterus that may be hindering fertility is Self Fertility Massage. These massage techniques focus on the lower pelvic region and uterus, helping to remove blockages in the area so that your body is more balance and working better. A tilted uterus may be compressed by impacted intestines, which can cut off important circulation to the uterus. The targeted massage techniques in Self Fertility Massage help restore the uterus to health.

If the cause of your tilted uterus has been endometriosis, massage is invaluable for breaking up endometrial tissue and for ridding the body of residual menstrual clots and blood that may have been unable to be flushed away during regular cycles. With regular practice of Self Fertility Massage techniques, your reproductive system will be in better balance and your cycles and ovulation will improve.
Many women are told that a tipped or prolapsed uterus is no big deal. In fact, it is a big deal. When the uterus is incorrectly aligned, the normal flow of blood and lymph are constricted and can disrupt nerve connection. The circulation of blood to the uterus, ovaries, bladder, and bowel is blocked.
Also called a “wandering womb,” a prolapsed or tipped uterus can be corrected by abdominal massage. This external, noninvasive massage strengthens the ligaments and muscles that support the uterus and ovaries. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few months to get the uterus to slide back into place.
I was surprised to learn not only that the majority of women are walking around with a prolapsed uterus and don’t even know it, but also that the causes of a prolapsed uterus are things modern women are doing all the time.
While modern medicine continues to look for chemical and surgical cures for every type of fertility issue, there are natural non-invasive options for all the problems that fertility causes for women and their partners who are going through the journey with them. In addition to the above suggestions you may also want to improve the health of your uterus and whole body in preparation for conception.

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Final note: I know we have some masagists who know about this kind of massage in Nigeria. There are some women who through a period of time have learnt the techniques through their parents or grand parents but the truth is most people do not patronise them. Maybe, because they feel they are diabolical or that they use other means. Care should however be taken. God will see you through. U r a mum IJN.