A woman lost both her tubes after a miscarriage and doctors told her there was no hope for her to give birth anymore. Naturally, that is what it is meant to be. She was broken but later encouraged herself and went to her church to pray. Met with the man of God and the pastor prayed with her and told her God can still do it because with Him, nothing is impossible. She believed and activated her faith. She is blessed today with her own child.
Have you lost anything? Have you been told nothing more can be done? Are you down to that lowest part in your marriage where you feel everyone is talking about you because you have not given birth? Relax!!!! Things are bound to change for you if you can only believe and trust in the God of possibilities. Hey, let us look at it from another perspective, when you fall to the ground, what is the next thing to do?, you rise from the ground, even when you fall again ,maybe because the ground is slippery, you keep trying until you are able to stand and walk away from that fall. This same principle must be adhered to in our daily lives, especially when it concerns the fruit of the womb.
When one doctor tells you it is over, there is another one who knows a way out, when there is no other one, there is a big God that knows all the ways. That is when you move closer to him if you haven’t been believing enough. You can even take up a mission for yourself, take a stand, talk to God about what you shall be doing for Him for a change of story, you can even decide to adopt and treat the baby like your own. Adoption is not an end to your believing that your baby must come, it is also a means to actualizing your biological baby’s coming. – Why? Because I have seen couples who adopted and by God’s intervention, their biological children then and only then begin to emerge. Don’t get me wrong, there are other ways and other things to start doing. You can decide to sponsor a child without adopting, sponsor through school if you have the means, if you don’t, get involved with God’s business and tie it to your baby believing in the great God that He can turn any challenge around for your good.
Activate your faith people of God !! It works! Where men say it is over , that is where God starts from. Your case cannot be over, your case must be different and God is going to use you to His glory. Your baby must come! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.
Franky okojie