When you keep hearing and speaking the word of God For that situation you wish to change, your faith rises, your spirit begins to believe it and Angels begin to work for you. We live in a mysterious world. God works in mysterious ways. Without faith you cannot please God. He is always looking for those who will believe His words so that they can receive their miracles. Jesus said trials and temptations must come but we should be of good cheer because He already overcame. When you walk in this conciousness that you have overcome, every challenge would be a walk over for you. God is the author of life, He does not give babies and take them. No! He is a giver! It is in His nature to give but satan is a deceiver, he puts fear into you and then takes over your mind if you allow him. Be wise and know that what God has done or said, satan cannot undo or come against. But, he will try you out and when you give in, he steals your joy. No matter the situation, keep speaking God’s word, it will turn your world around and bring forth your baby. Babies are gifts from God and it is your right as a child of God to have them! Your baby must come! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.