I heard a short story from a pastor about a little boy who went to the supermarket with the mum and decided to be a good boy to get candies from the mum. He behaved himself and did all he could for the mum. But unfortunately the mum, ran out of cash and told the little boy. He stood by the candy case angry. Another man in the shop noticed the boy and decided to help out. He called out to the boy and told him to open the case of candy and take what he wanted. The boy refused, the man asked the boy ‘I thought you wanted candy? the boy answered ‘yes’ , then dip into it and take what you want! The boy kept mute and refused to make a move. Then the attendant who had been watching them opened up the case of candy reached into it and gave the little boy.
On their way home, his mummy was angry with him, ‘what was wrong with you, you said you wanted candy, someone offered to buy you candy and you refused to dip into the case, why?’ The boy looked at his mum, smiled and said” I just wanted the man to use his big hands instead of my small hands’

God’s hands are big!!!!!!
We as God’s children should learn how to depend on God to do what He wants to do for us. We should trust and have faith in Him. His hands are bigger than what we can ever think of. God is big!! . When you have this knowledge of how big God is, you won’t have time to doubt Him. Keep believing, His big hands are bigger than any challenge! Trust God and take steps daily. Your baby must come. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name. www.callmemum.com