Are you feeling depressed about the delay in holding your baby?, don’t be, because this paves the road for all sorts of oppression from the enemy. Jesus took your infirmities so that you can be free, fertile and productive!. He said He became poor so that you can become rich, rich in all things including the fruit of the womb. Don’t cower for the devil because you are not seeing the manifestation of your baby with your physical eyes, your baby is there already. God is not a man nor is He afraid of man to start telling lies. He said you are fruitful and productive!. He said no one shall be barren in His kingdom!. He said surely there shall be an end and you shall possess your possession!. He said His grace is sufficient enough for you!, He said for your shame you shall receive double!, He said His Word is sharper than any two edged sword!, He said His Word can penetrate even into the bone marrow!. Can you compare the marrow to the womb, the marrow is covered with bone that you have to crack to get into. If God’s Word can get in there, is the womb too difficult for the Word to get to?  Don’t cower for the devil, raise your head up high, be joyful always.  John 1:The word of God is Jesus Himself! No matter what your case is, He can solve it. Trust Him, Your baby will soon be in your arms.

A sister in one of our churches was diagnosed of multiple ovarian cysts and had to undergo a Cystectomy in 2015. That was the same time Operation By All Means was declared by Bishop Oyedepo in all Living Faith Churches ( Soul Winning) . She said she trekked miles sharing the gospel of Christ and also prayed Kingdom prayers. But the ovarian cyst made her flow painful as the days went by. After the many scan results of a deteriorating ovary, the doctors advised urgent surgery and her right ovary was removed. A cyst that weighed 80 grams and measured 11cm was miraculously removed. The doctors were surprised the cyst did not rapture and also was not cancerous.

After the surgery, the pain started and the monthly flow became more painful. This did not affect her kingdom advancement work. Another scan, showed another cyst on the left ovary and this time, she got really mad with the situation!!! —- She decided and went to camp in Canaan Land, the headquarters of Living Faith Church (Winners) for three days. She sought God’s face, she reminded God of her labour in the vine yard, she read The Unlimited Power Of Faith by Bishop Oyedepo and she learnt that during creation God created man with clay and breathed into him. The internal organs were not created physically . It was the breath of God that created the internal organs. –Revelation came!!!!— “Since I have the breath of God in me, no organ in my body is permitted to be faulty”. She said she meditated on this until she could see herself walking around with two functioning ovaries. Thereafter, she went back to the same laboratory and repeated the test. This time, her left ovary was not only healed but her right one that the devil stole was restored!!

Every manufacturer will always make provision for spare parts. God is the greatest manufacturer, do you think he won’t have spare parts? — Faith!! Faith!!! Faith is all it takes to receive from God.

U must be  a mum/dad in Jesus name.