Anytime we try and fail, we should realize that we have moved from one level to another. We are no longer in the same place we use to be. Those that refused to try are the ones on the same spot.This journey towards motherhood and fatherhood, demands consistency, it demands the spirit that does not take ‘No’ for an answer, the ever pushing spirit, the winning spirit, the conquering spirit. Like the saying goes, ‘When you try and fail, try, try and try again’. You must succeed!. God is on your side, He has given you already, yours is to position yourself in line with His plan for you and keep fighting that good fight until your baby comes.
Someone might say, I have tried several times and it is just not working for me, but I know a lot of people who tried so many times before they succeeded. You are not different, your baby too must come. Life is a warfare not a fun fair! The more challenges, the better the result that awaits you if you faint not. Keep on pushing! your baby must come. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.