No biological reason should be strong enough to deprive God’s children from inheriting what is rightly theirs!. Children are God’s and that is where it ends. Can you imagine if God was not the giver of children, what would have happened to the poor, to anyone  without a voice in the society? No one would have given them any! The rich would have taken it all.

But because we have a God that gives liberally, they (the poor and even the voiceless)  have more than they can take care of.   These people that we call the poor hardly worry themselves out,  they live according to their means. If they have any job that put food on their tables and send their children to a nearby school, so be it and they are okay with that. But the so-called rich  or the enlightened of the society worry about everything!. Cars, houses, clothes, shoes, belts,  food, wrist watches, travelling out, marriage, children e.t.c.  They worry about everything!  The cells in our bodies are connected, what affects one can also  touch the other.

Please don’t misunderstand me, what I am trying to say here is that the percentage of those we regard as the poor or less privilege waiting for the fruit of the womb is relatively low when you compare to those who are enlightened or those who are rich in our societies, why?  Because they heap so much on themselves,  some would worry themselves just to go out and eat junk food as against rich cheap vegetables you can get around the corner. I am not against fast food,  but when you are waiting for your princess or prince to come, eat healthy and don’t worry about things that are not necessary. Our bodies react differently to different situations, one person can get away with something that is caging another.

The Bible says  Children are God’s heritage, they belong to Him,  He has the sole right to give them as blessings to you. It is not the devil’s right to give godly children. So  hang on to God, don’t be deceived by the devil,  our God is a giver!!. Do your part and stop worrying. Your baby must come. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.