John 1:14 “And the Word (Christ) became flesh (human, incarnate) and tabernacled (fixed His tent of flesh,)–……..” –The simplicity of the bible is amazing! The Word became flesh…. The bible is telling us here how creative our words can be. God is a creator and so are His children. The words we speak can create our babies. Remember how the world was created? — God said….. God said…. And they all came to pass. It was the same word that brought Jesus to this world. What are you waiting for? Keep speaking your babies forth, prophesy! Like God told Ezekiel to. Prophesy to that womb, speak to your body! Everything hears the word of God. Everything hears!. Take God’s word seriously, your babies are in You!!!. Speak them forth! Is there any organ in your body that is not functioning well? speak to it!
Another thing every child of God must learn is Patience!. We must understand that without patience, our heart desires cannot be met. As you keep speaking the word to every situation in your life, you must also have patience, hanging on to the truth of God’s word that nothing is imposible before God. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for! When you believe God can do it, no matter the circumstance, you just hang in there because you know He can! Stand firm with God, keep speaking His word and be patient enough to receive your baby. Turn your words to flesh! Your baby must come! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name

Franky Okojie.