Remember the Syrophoenician woman? Mark 7:25-30. She was insulted! Any ‘normal’ man or woman would start a fight. She knew what she wanted, so she waited. She kept on following, she did not give up trying, trying to make sure she was given her attention by the master! And when Jesus finally decided to turn to her, He said something that should have sent her running away from Him. ” You do not give bread meant for the children to dogs” but this woman’s faith was not shaken and she replied, ‘ Let me have at least the crumbs under the table’ Jesus was moved by her faith and had no option but to give her what she wanted! Hold on to God in faith, don’t give up! don’t let go! Until He attends to you. Keep believing God! Your baby must come in Jesus name. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.
Franky Okojie