Most people pray to God about having children of their own but they don’t prepare for the children they are praying about. Expectation is the key to receiving anything from God. Dig the ditches in preparation of that rain and wait patiently. When God sees your heart, He will stretch forth His hand..——- A woman before getting married, told God she wants to have four kids in her marriage.

She got married, the first year passed, nothing happened, the second, third and fourth all passed by without her getting pregnant but it did not stop her confessions. Then the fifth year came, and God surprised her with a quadruplet!!!— . God is awesome!!! He listens, He hears you! He LOVES you and I know He will not let you down.  This woman was not expecting a quadruplets but at least a child maybe every year or two  until they are four. Our God knows best and He has all the answers.

When we go through challenges, be rest assured that God is watching to see how you respond to that situation, in fear or in faith. Another woman waited twenty years believing God for the fruit of the womb. She and her husband  had alternatives to take but stood with God believing He is faithful enough to do that which He said He would do. In their twentieth year of waiting, God blessed them with triplets and their joy knew no bounds.

Our God is still in that business of giving children, He is the God of yesterday, today and forever and the bible says nothing is impossible for Him to do. Deal with God on a father  son/daughter relationship, don’t be deceived, God loves you and He will go any length to give you your heart desires as long as you are his child and do His will. Do not get distracted by the challenges or issues of life. Focus on God and His word and nothing shall be able to stop you from getting to that destination.

Take the GPS for example. You only type the address in and it takes you to your destination by following its instructions but if you are distracted, and you drive past where you are to turn, the GPS automatically recalculates and tells you where next to turn. You should always listen to God,  let Him direct you so you don’t miss your way and waste time in getting to your  destination. Trust and believe God, receive your babies!,   U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.