I read on Facebook recently about a guy who got married to his heart desire after speaking forth the words over a period of time. He came up with the title ” God Listens To Your Whispers’ . According to him , he met this lovely lady in 2012 and started a conversation , thereafter bought her a book on marriage .He kept on telling her he would be there to marry her when she graduates  in London. Funny enough, they got married and she graduated with first class honors the same period just like he foretold it. This guy admitted that sometimes , he jokingly said a lot of the things he said just to tease her but they all came to pass. God listens and secondly, you must know that there is no joke in the spirit realm. What you see, you get , what you say, you get, what you keep thinking about consistently, you get, what you keep dwelling on, good or bad, you get.

This is why you must make extra efforts to concentrate on your baby, keep talking about your babies, keep seeing your baby, keep demanding in prayers and be patient about it. Talk to your spouse about the baby, get baby materials , plan for your baby, just keep doing it believing sooner than later, the great God is going to make it happen for you. This is the spirit!. Be positive about your baby, stop dwelling on the present situation, look beyond it. See a brighter future with your expected baby. Nothing is too difficult for God to do!. I know in my heart that your baby will not pass you by. Don’t forget that that guy took steps, first he bought a book on marriage and gave it to the girl, he also traveled to London and he called her constantly. Take steps! Your baby must come. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.