When God decides to act in your life, it does not matter if it is scientifically, medically or physically impossible. He will make all things work together for your good as long as it is in His will. Is it in God’s will for you to have babies?, emphatic YES!. God does not need permission from anyone to do what is in His will for you. It all depends on your faith and what you believe in.
If we have not read in the scriptures issues about childlessness and how they conquered, it would have been a different case. If in our present age and time we have not seen and heard testimonies of how couples waited and by His grace conquered and brought forth children, CallMeMum wouldn’t have any business writing. But I have seen with my eyes and heard with my ears the wondrous works of the Lord and I know you too have either heard or seen some too. But your language when you see or hear about miracles matters to God. Some would go, ” oh Lord when will it be my turn?….. Why me Lord?  The truth is, you can’t ask God why. Instead, speak the language of faith………”Thank you Lord for this or that wonderful baby,…… I know I am next on the line….cos I am fruitful and productive”
Do your part and leave God to do His.! Just trust and obey Him.
Read through the scriptures, each time the Israelites turned away from Him, they always suffered but when they turn to Him and repent, He would always pardon and their lives are changed. He always wanted them to trust, obey and believe Him. He is still the same God!, He never changes. A man told me so many years back that if one decides to start worshipping a stone, to make the stone his/her god and believes in that stone, he told me evil spirits will inhabit that stone and start working for that person especially when that person starts offering sacrifices to the stone. This however backfires, because it is not God at work. He ended by saying anything you BELIEVE in, works for you.
This is what God wants from us. Scripture says, look up to the hills from where cometh your helper. We know He is a jealous God. He wants you to completely trust and believe Him. Once He sees your heart, not your facial or physical appearance, your Heart! , He acts accordingly.
2nd kings 4:8-37. Read about the Shunammite woman, Elisha was almost confused about what to do for her because she touched the “center” of his heart with her deeds. My prayer for you is that you will touch the ” center” of God’s heart and push, force Him with your faith to do what is possible for Him to do. Even when the baby died, her faith brought the baby back to life.
Our God is a good God!, do your part, trust and obey Him, live in love, visit your doctors, use the right words, think the right thoughts, serve God with your heart, give whenever and what you can, don’t be coarse to give, drop that pity me life style. Fling bitterness, anger, envy, lies, jealousy overboard!. And when you have done all, the bible says STAND!!!! without doubting. This is your season to bring forth your babies, you will laugh and celebrate. God has decided about you long ago, U r a mum, you are a dad in Jesus name.