Are you feeling depressed about the delay in holding your baby?, don’t be, because this paves the road for all sorts of oppression from the enermy. Jesus took your infirmities so that you can be free, fertile and productive. He said He became poor so that you can become rich, rich in all things including the fruit of the womb. Don’t cower for the devil because you are not seeing the manifestation of your baby with your physical eyes. God is not a man nor is He afraid of man to start telling lies. He said you are fruitful and productive!. He said no one shall be barren in His kingdom!. He said surely there shall be an end and you shall possess your possession!. He said His grace is sufficient enough for you!, He said for your shame you shall receive double!, He said His Word is sharper than any two edged sword!, He said His Word can penetrate even into the bone marrow!. Can you compare the marrow to the womb, the marrow is covered with bone that you have to crack to get into. If God’s Word can get in there, is the womb too difficult for the Word to get to?. John 1:The word of God is Jesus Himself! No matter what your case is, He can solve it.

The  manifestations of your blessings in life depends on the word of God that you know and speak forth. Knowing what to say and not saying it keeps you on the same spot. Even the devil is afraid of the positive words of God that we speak, that’s why he tries to feed our minds with evil or negative thoughts.  He knows God does not dwell in negative environments and once he is able to put you in that spot, you are his! Your freedom is in your tongue! Speak forth your children according to God’s word and see their manifestations. Don’t get tired of speaking forth your baby. Do it all the time if you can. Guard your mind, don’t let the trickster in! Your baby must come. U r a mum/dad in  Jesus name.