Happy Easter!!!
Don’t forget that Jesus took your place, don’t forget that He took your shame, reproach and even death!. Who can separate you from the love of God?, who sent His only son to die for you. He did not just only die, He went into hades and took the keys of death from satan, the Bible records that He made a public show of the devil then by the power of the Holy ghost, He rose again, bringing back to life everything that was called dead!. It’s there anyone reading this, anyone who is waiting on Him for the fruit of the womb?, IT’S RESURRECTION DAY!!!! Whatever was called dead, whatever has not been working in your life, is brought back to life and working in the name of Jesus Christ. The Bible says If that same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you,——- Com’on somebody!—– that Spirit is recreating that womb today, flushing those tubes today, destroying every unwanted element in your body today, no sperm to 100 % Supernatural sperm today!!! On the cross before He gave up, Jesus said –it is finished!— He paid for all, He took it all, so you can have abundant life! Your babies are here, no one can stop you. Step out in faith and claim what rightly belongs to you in Christ. HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY! HAPPY EASTER! U r a mum/dad IJN. fb callmemum