Do not keep quiet. Keep talking, keep talking!. You should know that the devil is always around whispering to you, if you keep quiet that trickster will win you over. Do not think you are the only one going through challenges, No! There are millions going through what you are going through right now, and there are millions who have conquered too. Don’t be depressed!, don’t faint! Keep trusting and believing God. Speak God’s word all the time.
I heard a story sometime ago from a friend about a pastor whose wife gave birth to a baby who could not talk and walk as at when due. The whole church,  including the pastor and his wife were concerned about the baby’s situation. They prayed, went through different medical practitioners but all to no avail. Then one day as the man was praying, the Holy Spirit ministered to him to keep talking to the situation. The pastor from that day started prophesying to the child. Each time he carried the child or whenever he looked towards the son’s direction, he would go, ‘ son walk and talk, walk and talk’ in the name of Jesus Christ. This went on for some time, ( don’t know how long) but the end of the matter is, the son after a while started talking and walking.
Another story that Pastor Adeboye shared in one of his book is about two men
Who went before the oracle and the priest told the first one “you will be a king” and to the other “you will be a servant” . The first one left singing while the other one challenged the verdict of the oracle and left angry telling himself he cannot be a servant .He took his cutlasses, sharpened them and went away to another location. Each stroke of the cutlass was backed by a confession ” I refuse to be a servant” I can’t be a servant”. From his labour, he had a big farm.
One day, after after so many years, there was famine in all the land and a hunter from his former village stumbled into his large farm, the hunter went back to his village and called others. They came and begged him for food and in return he was made their king to rule over the one the oracle told would be king and the rest of them.

My brothers and sisters, everything in this world, living or non living things hears the word of God, the fig tree listened to Jesus and the scripture says if that same Spirit that raised Jesus dwells in you…… will definitely take you out of any situation.  Com’on people of God! Speak to that situation!
Is it the womb, keep speaking  faith filled words to that womb. Is it low sperm count, speak faith filled words to it. It is not your business how God goes about correcting what He has to in your body. Your business is to speak, talk, confess positively to that situation. Confession provokes Angelic activities. You must think it forth, speak it forth to have it. Our great God will open up the windows of Heaven and release your babies. I see this every time for you, but you must keep speaking forth also. Your baby must come. U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.