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I was in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria recently and I met a lovely lady whom we got talking and somehow saw my website and Facebook page, then, she started. You know this is good and most of the time, we are the architect of the challenges we go through without even knowing it. Let me tell you my story.

My husband and I had our first child without issues but the second came after twelve years of waiting. There were so many miscarriages in-between and I wasn’t even a born again Christian. Each time I realise I was pregnant, I hardly move an inch thinking that would keep my baby but it would always go the other way. When my first child was twelve he had hepatitis B and we had to rush him to a private hospital and it was so stressful for me,  I was practically sleeping on the ground in the hospital.  The stress was getting too much that at a point I thought I was going to die. I walked outside to a quiet place,  prayed like I never did and gave my life to Christ promising God the different things I would do for Him if he spares my son’s life because I did not understand what the doctors were doing anymore. After that night,  there was a dramatic turn around. Two weeks after, we were discharged but before we left, the doctor called me and told me to keep serving that God that I am serving because he could not understand what happened with my boy. According to him, they were just marking time with him not knowing what else to do about his case. When I got home,  I became a prayer warrior, each night, 12 midnight I would wake my husband up for prayers, praying to get pregnant, for God to give us the fruit of the womb not knowing I should have been thanking God then.

Remember I went through hell in that hospital, not  knowing I was three months pregnant then, God used my first son’s sickness to divert my attention from the pregnancy and to also bring me closer to Him, God is the master strategist . I was at home after the hospital when my husband’s friend invited me to a church programme which I relentlessly went for,  after the program he held my hand and told me to forgive,  forgive everyone,  everyone I felt had hurt me. I was dumb founded because I was actually bitter with so many people and gradually I found myself forgiving each and everyone and God, I felt good!.I was confirmed pregnant when I went for a scan and that was after six months,  though I had some signs earlier maybe at Four or five months my husband and I kept it hush-hush, it was even hard to believe that the pregnancy stood the test of time during that hospital ordeal. 


Because I had several miscarriages in the past, I watched what I ate,  sesame seed (bene seed) cools the womb, Ewedu (Jute leaf ) cools the womb so is kunu (a spicy millet drink popular in the Northern part of Nigeria)  helps fertility. I begged my husband to stop drinking because I felt it could be doing some damage to my body too. One person can do one thing and get away with it, it doesn’t mean it is  good for the other.

I introduced the spiritual aspect, wake my  husband up at midnight everyday. At a point my husband had to beg God if not for any other thing but for the disturbances at night, He should PLEASE send us a baby. Before now, each time I realise am pregnant, and say it out, before you know it, I will lose the baby.  So we were careful not to say anything even among ourselves. I learnt how to speak right words because our words are powerful. 


When my second child was seven months old, I got pregnant again without knowing I was pregnant ! Dont forget I had waited for twelve years and now two in a row. My husband after this, was afraid to even come closer to me, but after a while, ”  Another mistake!” happened, you know what I mean?. God made me a mother of 4 kids!!!! 

Couples must live and pray together as one not two, women must take enough protein to help the womb. Stop eating too much of junk food and most importantly, live a life of forgiveness!!! Live for Christ and every other thing will just follow naturally. 

I don’t know if anyone caught something here but I think forgiving others, frees you from any bondage of the devil. Set yourself loose!  Eat right and talk right! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name