When faith is in place, obstacles become miracles!. Faith requires a forward movement. The man at the pool of Bethesda in John 5 waited on the same spot for 38 years until Jesus came. The woman with the issue of blood was tired of living like that and took steps. Moses and the Israelites were almost getting caught by Pharoah and his men until Moses stretched forth his rod as commanded. What if Moses had feared and stopped believing at that moment? Faith requires action!

In faith, we share responsibility with God. There is a ‘What” you must do before God can do the remaining part. Cross your red sea gallantly says a Pastor! If you don’t, no one will come and carry you physically. Your faith must push you to take steps. When you believe, you make moves and God will meet you up somewhere.
IVF might not be 100% but people give birth through it. The cash is what we are praying to God for that it crashes someday. There are other means, yours might just be a little change in medications that would make the difference,  for some,  it might just be that you need more water in your system, who knows? But most importantly, it might just be that God needs you to do something for Him. Whatever it is, prayers must precede all. Giving up is no option. Go for your babies! You must fight the good fight and win! Faith is not about crying and murmuring, faith is about believing and taking steps. Your babies must come! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.