The Israelis stayed captive in Egypt for over Four hundred years , they went through so many things in the hands of their captors, but when it was time to set them free, the Lord brought them out with the best . They did not leave Egypt empty! This is why I also know that whatever the enemy is doing , about your babies, you too must come out of it with the best of the best. God is not mocked. He said it, He shall also bring it to pass in your life. Your babies must come! The enemy is a trickster, he plays on our intelligence and if you allow him an inch , he takes a mile. We must consistently resist him by casting out wrong imaginations and believing more in God and His words. We do know we cannot fight the devil physically, but when we give it all, our hearts and all to God, the devil will disappear!
Do not give up on God! You must be strong and keep striving to reach that goal. Your mind must be made up that your baby, no matter what must come because children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward. He gives , but you must also stand firm in your faith. Faith makes it happen with speed. Let them laugh if they want, you only need to focus on your God!

A couple’s search for the fruit of the womb was blessed after 17 years of marriage  in 2013. She was discouraged until she met with a man of God who asked her if your baby is missing, how do you locate your baby? . She goes, by calling his/her name. From that monument ,she named her baby and started calling her baby forth. She got pregnant but her period did not stop throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. To make it worse, the scan did  not see her baby. She held on and finally gave birth to her baby. The devil can throw all it’s might against you just to make you shift your faith in God. Do not be deceived, he does not have anything good to offer. Stand your ground and trust your father in heaven. It won’t be long.Those years of secret tears shall be wiped out sooner than you can imagine. Hang on! Your babies must come! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.