One of the Pastors I know, testified of God’s goodness upon his life. According to him, they got married in 2008, when they did, waiting for a child was the last thing on their minds, of course as a Pastor, you would think, that can’t happen. But this “thing” has no respect for anyone. He said they spent three hundred thousand ( 300,000.) Naira on Intrauterine insemination ( i.u.i) and that same day, his wife saw her menstrual cycle! It was devastating, especially for his wife.  They had prayed and did all that was needed before the I.U.I.

Further more they were told to go for I.V.F. -This was when he realised that this was not just normal,  it was rather spiritual and decided to fight it spiritually. He met one of the Bishops from the church who lives in another state, a higher spiritual authority and they prayed together. This happened in the year 2013 and on 12th December 2014, the wife after several challenges during pregnancy gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Praise God!
Most of these delays, whatever the reason given, are spiritual and it has no respect for anyone.

Mathew 13:25-28, says while men slept an enemy sowed tares………..’ As a matter of fact, childlessness happens mostly these days to good, kind and wonderful people, Christians and non Christians. It can be as a result of ignorance , a curse, the devil etc !, Whatever the cause, you need to fight the good fight of faith using God’s words, sending His words back to Him, it is a battle that you must stand and fight in faith until you win. Some people have spent millions on IVF and others to no avail. Even if you decide to go with this ( IVF), talk to God first, let Him lead you. Knowledge of God’s word is the most potent force, enough of the sleeping, rise up!, meditate on the scriptures that concerns you, pray and fast often, praise and give God thanks, change your attitude, see your babies coming forth, change your language, speak positively about yourself, visit your doctors, meet and speak with those who have ‘traveled’ down that road. When you don’t tell yourself and others who you are, the devil will use his agents to tell you who you are not. Remember, it is scriptural to be challenged but unscriptural to be defeated.

God will give you your babies, do not  think about the time wasted. It does not take time, it takes only God!. God loves you, He is the giver of good gifts, your babies are coming. U r a mum/ dad in Jesus name.