finally, my Father has done it for me. These were the words that came from a woman testifying to the goodness of God. “Am pregnant after 2years of waiting. It wasn’t easy all this while, but I keyed into God’s word and it came to pass. I prayed for this child and He has given me. I did a course of fertility treatment and ovulation, I was induced but I thought it failed because I started bleeding earlier than the expected date of my period, but I held on to God’s word and believed I was already pregnant and that was it. Please help me to Thank this God who never fails and to all still waiting for God’s visitation please hold on to your faith and his word, it will surely happen!. it happened to me and am sure it will happen to you. Praise the Lord!!

Some might think two years of waiting is relatively too short to start worrying. Even some doctors would tell you it’s only after two years of trying and failing to conceive before you start thinking of medical solutions, other doctors would tell you after a year. But if you are living in this part of the world (Africa), some neighbours, friends, in-laws, family members and even those who don’t know you would try to tell you what is and what is not wrong with you after about five months of marriage. This is when five months of marriage seem like five years!.

This is most often the genesis or foundation of all other issues in a home. The major issue is two, instead of becoming One, has now transformed into three, four, five or more. The couple is always to blame for this. If you two become one, that bond can never be broken, no matter who that third person is. When you protect each other from the outside world, the challenge is easier to manage. Stand for each other, fight for each other, visit the doctors together, communicate, talk about it, pray together and for each other, praise Him with a dance together and before you know it, the great God will step in for your sake.

Your baby must come! U must be a mum/dad in Jesus name.