We as humans, always look for one reason or the other to praise our fellow-men. If we Christians, can just praise God from the bottom of our hearts, there would be nothing He would not do for us.
Our God is not a man, he does not need food, what He eats is Praise. How often do you praise God? How often do you give God thanks for the things He has done or do you think He has not done anything for you lately?

2nd Chronicles 5:13 -14 “And when the trumpeters and singers were joined in unison, making one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord, and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and other instruments for song and praised the Lord, saying, For He is good, for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever, then the house of the Lord was filled with a cloud.

14; So that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God.

They praised God in one accord with every type of musical instrument that the house of the Lord was filled with cloud which signifies the glory of God. Now, that is how to praise God. From the depth of your heart!, not just from the lips. And when He comes down, anything is possible.

Praise is the joyful thanking and adoring of God. It is the acknowledgement of God’s greatness, goodness, mercy and compassion. You give glory to God when you give Him praise and at the same time you are directly or indirectly reminding Him of His promises towards you. Some of us while praising God, can’t just get into the full gear of praise, we praise with one part of the heart and the other part, we leave for the issues of life. Not untill we learn to focus fully on God during praise, we receive nothing. God cannot be mocked, He knows every man’s thought.
You remember Paul and Silas in Acts 16:25-26 when they started singing praises, God intervened in the most powerful way. That is God for you.

Are you believing God for the fruit of the womb, you have prayed and done all that is needed to be done, yet no success. Switch to praise, praise Him from the depth of your heart, God will not let you down. Praises is one of the easiest ways for God to avenge for you. He will bring your enemies to their kneels. Is infertility an enemy? Yes!, anything contrary to the word of God is an enemy. The Bible said none shall be barren in your land—— where is that land?, it’s God’s Kingdom. And as God’s children, we are living in His Kingdom. Infertility is not allowed into His kingdom, our Land.

Do you remember the walls of Jericho? Such great walls crumbled during praises, because He came down. Who is like our God?. Every man’s ignorance is his mountain! Whatever you are seeing now maybe as impossible, many in our present day have crossed that bridge. Are you feeling worthless?, is your partner or people around you making jest of you? Are you feeling oh! It is over for me, am too old for that! Hey! Cut it out right now. The devil is a trick star, he has no more powers only tricks. Tell me how old was Sarah? How old was Abraham? They were not even born again, spirit filled but they had faith in God praising Him and judging Him faithful. What is wrong with you? I put it to you that absolutely nothing is wrong with you! Get out of that pity me lifestyle and get a life! You are a bona fide child of God and Christ has died for you already. He is not going to die for you again. He has finished the work for you to enjoy.
Focus on God, giving Him thanks and praises. When you do not know what else to do, switch to praise from the depth of your heart and watch God do His thing. I have said it before and I am saying it again, visit your doctor if you have to, take your medications if you have to, but do them to the glory of God. Sing Him praises everywhere, in your room, office, car, bathroom, etc The will of our God, is that in all things, we should give Him thanks and praises.
In this life of mine, I have seen women with blocked fallopian tubes give birth. I have seen women with no womb give birth. I have seen men with Low sperm count give birth and No sperm count give birth to quadruples after years of waiting.
Hey! Com’on, what is your case? He is the creator of Heaven and Earth, there is nothing too difficult for Him to do. Just do your part, give Him His food–praises and thanks—– He will take over the wheel from you. Let Him take you to your destiny.
Final note, the bible said we should resist the devil and he will flee from us. But how? Not by fighting and binding etc. When we praise God in any situation, the devil flees on it s own because wherever God is, darkness is not permitted. I see God coming down in the midst of your praises to deliver your heart’s desire —- beautiful babies—- IJN.