Those who sow in tears, shall reap in joy!  I know of a family that believed for the fruit of the womb for so long,  did all they could and finally resolved to sowing. I mean sowing in anywhere they could. Sowing doesn’t have to be cash only! They gave their time to service in His kingdom, they sowed into dancing and praising God anytime it was children dedication service. The woman would go out with those who had their babies, dancing and praising God believing her’s would come!. she and her husband also sowed cash  seeds,  tying it to their expected babies. Did it work?  Yes it did for them.  There are different ways to get God’s attention. You keep trying it all! This does not stop you from visiting your doctor or any other medical practitioner that has relevant information or trestmeant to give.

The word of God said –as long as the earth remains, seed-time and harvest time shall not cease!   As you continue to sow from your heart without complaining, so  also shall your harvest time come speedily.  Look at the farmer, he first takes care of the farm land before sowing and when he sows, he waits patiently, watering and dressing until harvest time. –Patience matters!  Stand firm and believe, Your babies must come!  U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.

Franky  O