The expectation of the righteous must come to pass! When you stay expectant in the midst of challenges, trials, your expected result will surely show forth.  I read about a woman who waited over twenty years, did a series of fibroid operations, had IVF sessions and nothing was working. At a point the in-laws wrote several letters to her to pack and leave their son alone because she could not bear him a child.  She fasted, did dry fasting for 3 days ( without food)  She prayed intensely all the time and nothing happened! For over twenty years, she was on and off with God because at a point she felt God did not want to answer her!. But she went for a church programme one day and the man of God proclaimed

“there is a woman here,  you have accused God that you have called and He has not heard, God said He has heard you!”

These words changed her mindset and she believed God was speaking to her. She repented and before long, she became pregnant! And eventually, gave birth to her child. Have you tried all and you think God has forgotten you? Doubting God puts Him in a difficult position to do anything. Keep taking your steps but you must believe that He is a faithful and just God!

Your baby must come!  U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.

Franky O