One thing for sure is that God loves every one!. God is love! So, He cannot but love every one, irrespective of who you are. But He does not bless all at once, He blesses individuals according to your work with Him, according to how you  believe and have faith in Him. God is a good God! When there was nothing else to do or give, He gave His only son who came and died for you and I. Jesus came and conquered!. Are you believing Him for the fruit of the womb. He said all things are yours, freely given. He said go, be fruitful and multiply! But because we sometimes see these words as mere words, they cease to work for us. Take God’s word seriously and war with them for fulfilment of prophesy. You have been destined to live a fulfilled life and giving birth to your children, is a part of living that fulfilled life. Go and be fruitful, go and bring forth fruits, blessed fruits!  Whatever it is that you are going through now, it is not and cannot be compared to the glory that awaits you! God is faithful! Your baby must come! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.