God will only run to those who run to Him , not those who run from Him. So run to Him while you make your moves. The violent takes by force, so you must learn to be violent in prayers, leaving no room for the devil.   Disappointments are traps to weigh you down, to get you depressed and make you look away from God. No! this cannot be your portion, but even when it does come, it is meant to make you stronger and grow your  faith. People go through it almost everyday but they still keep moving, striving towards their goals.

Maybe  you were told differently from what you expected to hear from your doctor  today or maybe that ‘stubborn’ period showed up today . It is not the end of the world! Focus! Focus!! Focus on that expected baby, nothing can stop your baby from coming! Always have the mindset, that the next time you go for a check up, it must be positive! Faith is the major ingredient to get whatever you want, it goes beyond anything and get you your desired results.

A woman was barren for 25 years and according to her, people had called her all manner of names and she had gone to all manner of places just to take away the reproach. In 2009, somebody from living faith church invited her to attend a bible school and see if God would not take away her reproach of barrenness. She decided to give it a try. She went for the three weeks World Of Bible Faith Institute (WOFBI) and knew deep in her spirit that no devil could stop her supernatural conception again!. She said she conceived that same month of February and gave birth 9 months later to a bouncing baby boy. In her last words,

” I have brought him to this altar to appreciate the God of WOFBI”

What happened? 25 years of nothing suddenly turned around!—- She heard and then she took steps. She allowed the teachings to sink into her heart, then came the changes in her heart, she changed her mindset and believed all she heard. I am quite sure the sister that introduced her did not stop praying for her. The truth of God’s word set her free.

Keep fighting!!!!! until you get what you want, keep fighting, fighters don’t quit and quitters don’t win.Your baby must come! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.