Testimonies are faith boosters, they are meant to spice up your faith.When you read or hear one, you apply it to yourself or situation. Let us take Mary the mother of Jesus for example,when the Angel of God came with the good news, Mary did not believe such a thing was possible Luke 1;34″ And Mary said to the Angel, how can this be?.  Since I have no intimacy with a man as a husband”. But when the Angel testified about the goodness of God in the life of her cousin who was called barren in her old age but now six months pregnant, Mary’s language changed . Verse 38; “Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord, let it be done to me according to what you have said………” We don’t just read or listen to testimonies and forget about them, we should key into them! Work, walk and war with them!. Especially when it concerns what we are going through. God is not partial. So many people have come out successful by doing this, May you be energized with faith so you can listen, read and apply testimonies about the fruit of the womb to your situation, do what they did in faith and come out victorious.

Your baby must come  U r a mum/dad  in Jesus name.

Franky  Okojie