I conceived immediately after our marriage. But when delivery time came, the baby had died in my womb. For five days, the dead baby couldn’t come out, until it was flushed out. My tubes were damaged in the process. The doctor said the dead baby destroyed many things in my womb, leaving it open. In my last medical report in 1996, the doctor told me I had no tubes. He said as a result, I could no longer conceive, and even if by any miracle I did, I would have to be in the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy as it wouldn’t be safe for the baby if I rode on a bike or entered in a bump while driving. That began my ordeal of hopelessness untill a sister brought me to the Living Faith Church, assuring me that God would do it for me.
When I came to this Church on September 17, 1998, during the Victory Celebration, I truly saw God is here. That day, Bishop Oyedepo gave those of us believing God for children his book, You Shall Not Be Barren. My husband and I read it as instructed and were expectant. On February, 21, 1999, I attended the second Sunday service, where the Bishop preached on the enemies of Faith. He specifically mentioned Science as an enemy of Faith. After that message, I cleared my mind of all the doctor’s reports, and began believing God for a miracle. I strongly believed the Bishop’s prophecy that we would come to Shiloh 1999 convention with our babies.
…………………………..So, like Abraham, the father of faith, I believed that I would be a joyful mother of a set of twin. I had been telling people that I would have a set of twins a boy (David ) and a girl (faith) . People mocked me, asking ‘ How can it happen?’ but I always told them, ‘ it will happen’ My husband’s family and his colleagues mocked him. Whenever they asked him about our children, he would always reply, ‘ she will deliver soon.’ The years 96, 97, 98, went by. At a point, they said to him, ‘ when we ask of your wife, you tell us she will deliver soon, where is the pregnancy? ………………………………………
We did not just stop at believing God. I put my faith to work by being involved in kingdom service. On September 11, I was at Canaan land ( the headquarters of Living Faith Church) to render voluntary kingdom labour to the Lord. We were all busy clearing the dirt around the Sanctuary. Whenever I carried anything on my head, I would say to God, ‘Seven days is too much for you to answer my prayer. These all represent the heavy load in my life, as I drop them, they all drop off me.’ But unknown to me, I was already pregnant!
On September 14, a day before Shiloh 1999 event started, I discovered that I was pregnant! I went to see the doctor who confirmed that I was pregnant!. I saw blood thrice in the same month I discovered I was pregnant. But I always remember what the Bishop often said, that the blood we see when we are pregnant ( which we call miscarriage) is not our babies but excess blood looking for a way of escape.
I did not only desire a set of twins, I was too sure God would do it. One day after examination, the doctor said, ‘Your baby is fine’ But I replied ‘ my baby or babies?’ the doctor said sorry for the statement, he checked again and confirmed they were twins………………………..
I was healthy throughout the term of the pregnancy. I did not have any pain whatsoever. My secret was that I took the anointing oil and communion regularly, and to God be the glory I put to birth on May 8, 2000!….. I had both babies within five minutes!. As the Bishop often says, Doctors know the fact, not the truth. The truth is that I can never be barren. …….. It is not your cry that matters, tell God what you want!.
-Owolabi, B.
Culled from Signs And Wonders Today ( A catalogue of the amazing acts of God among men)By Bishop David Oyedepo