I got married in 1993 at the age of 34 so my husband and I were already anxious to start a family immediately. However, nothing happened. We went to doctors to no avail. My matter was complicated by the fact that I was injured during the civil war. A grenade was thrown into our house and I had a splinter in my lower abdomen. This led to several surgeries which caused adhesions that affected my fallopian tubes. However, Doctors said it was still possible that I could conceive. I started going for all kinds of infertility treatment including artificial insemination but nothing happened. I then went to the UK for further treatment.
The clinic I attended specialised in IVF so the first option offered me was to try IVF. My treatment started in 1999. During my first treatment, everything went so well. The egg collection and transfer was perfect. I also prayed and fasted. Several pastors had laid hands on me prior to this time so I was so confident that I would conceive. When the result came, I was dompletely devastated. I actually began questioning God how could I have fail when I had so much faith? However, I soon got over the disappointment and went for another treatment. This also failed.
Different Pastors prayed and confirmed that my getting pregnant was a done deal. At a point I had to ask my pastor why I was not getting pregnant ( inspite of all the prophesies ) when everything was phisically fine? One day whilst discussing with my English Doctor, he said ” it is up to the Man up there. The best we can do is transfer the embryo”. That was the turning point in my fight of faith. Even my doctor acknowledged that only God could do it. At that point my focus shifted. I realised that I was putting my faith more in the doctors and their technology than in God.
I immediately repented and changed my thinking and attitude. I asked for forgiveness from God declaring that this time my faith would be in Him alone and that He should just use the doctors to achieve His glory.
In January2003, a friend of mine, Moji A. sent me an invitation for her birthday celebrations at which Pastor Bimbo( late) would be ministering. Pastor Bimbo prayed and laid hands on me on the occasion and said I should proceed on a two weeks fast. She told me that I would see a sign and should then call and let her know what I saw. The problem with us Christians is that we do not obey. I did not even do the fast and just forgot about the ministration. There were a lot of women waiting on the Lord for one thing or the other at the meeting. In August, I went to Uk again for my 5th attempt at IVF. I had some surgeries and the egg transfer procedure was completed in october.
Whilst in London, I went to Church one day, and a Ghanian Bishop preached on the favour of God using the scripture in Psalm 102:13 that the set time to favour Zion has come. I just prayed for Gods’ favour and mercy and I kept confessing the verse. My embryo transfer was on October 28. On the night of the 27th, I went to bed praying and confessing the scripture and praying for mercy and favour even as I was now putting all my faith in God. I went to bed and saw Pastor Bimbo in my dream. This was very unusual, as I hadn’t seen her since January birthday meeting. I also recall that prior to that meeting, I had seen Pastor Bimbo at the Christian Missionary Fund Dinner in December 2002 where she asked us to sow for one special thing that we are believing God for. I obeyed and sowed a financial seed on that day.
In the dream she came with 3 other ladies and asked me ” what are you still doing here”? “Why don’t you get up and go. Get up and go and get your blessing “. A very unusual dream. Amazingly enough, as soon as I got into the hospital room the English doctor said ” we’ve done all we can, let’s ask the Almighty to do the rest”. With this dream and that doctor’s statement as confirmation, I knew it was going to happen.
The 2 weeks of waiting for the confirmation of the pregnancy were like 2 years. The trauma of waiting for the result of the IVF was unbearable. At last, the day came and I had to do the test. Praise the Lord, after 5 attempts at last, the pregnancy test was positive! The 9 months of waiting for the delivery of the baby now seemed like forever. I was so afraid but to counter that fear I was perpetually glued to TBN and God’ s Channel on television to uphold me and bind the fear, through the word of God during that waiting period. I kept praying, reading the Bible and confessing the word.
The pregnancy was wonderful. I wasn’t sick for one day, no nausea,, no bleeding, no bed rest! I kept calling up the hospital to have scans done at intervals just to be sure the baby was well, and indeed she was absolutely perfect.
The years of waiting were not easy. Sometimes you wake up and wonder why run around and amass wealth? …………Also people would in subtle ways remind me that my life was not perfect or complete even if my business was successful as I was yet to to have a child. It used to hurt so much but I got over it. My husband was wonderful throughout my wait. I knew he desired children and yet after 11 years of marriage and at the age of 45, God came through for us. I thank God for my in-laws. They were so supportive. No matter how much I kept a bold face for people, in my private moments I experienced many moments of deep sorrow. But I thank God because now I know the PURE LOVE of GOD! The love I have for my child is unconditional, complete, asking for noting in return. I am so grateful to God that I am able to experience that. I had my ups and down, but through it all I always knew my father was on the throne, never once did I consider going to any other god. We indeed serve a faithful and mighty God. Blessed be His name forever. Amen
Tayo O. Culled from God’s Waiting Room by Yewande Zaccheaus.

Final note.
Testimonies are meant to be duplicated. Do you or someone you know have a case like the one above, go through the testimony holding on in faith that God that did it for her is faithful enough to do yours.
People waiting on God for the fruit of the womb need your support not pity or trouble making.
Family and friends are to pray with them with great expectations not call names.
Don’t be anxious!
No matter what you do, focus on God!
May the good Lord give us understanding.

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