I got married in September 1992 and two years after( August 1994), I had my first daughter. By the time she was about two years old, we started planning our second baby. But we did not realize it would not come as quickly as the first one. After two years of no pregnancy, we consulted a doctor who diagnosed that I was not ovulating and consequently placed me on a not only expensive but very strong medication.
After over a year on the medication with no visible improvement,we changed both hospital and doctor. We then got the ‘evil report ‘that not only was I not ovulating, but there was a low sperm count problem with my husband and this had to be corrected through surgery. We prayed about this and eventually decided to go for the surgery. At the end of the surgery, rather than for the situation to get better it even grew worse.
We changed hospitals and doctors a couple of times thereafter until one of the doctors advised us to do an “ICSI” ( Intro cytoplasmic Fertilization) Which can be done in Nigeria for about N 400,000.00 ( back then) but we thought that even if we have such money to spend on medical treatment, we would rather sow it into the Kingdom.
At this point, we decided to stop the medication as we thought it could only be a miracle and since we serve a God of all possibilities, it was more profitable for us to channel our energy and resources to the things of God, continue to love our daughter and be a blessing to people. We also decided that, as it is only God that gives children, we were not going to compromise on anything. It was either He did it and we give Him praise or He does not and we continue to give Him praise.
We continued praying, fasting and confessing the promises in God’s word about children, conception etc. I also became more regular at the Fruit of the Womb classes where I received encouragement and uplifting. God kept on reassuring us each time we picked our promises in church that He is faithful and that we are fruitful in the fruit of our bodies. Gen 18vs14, Deut.7vs 13.
In May 2000 we had a retreat in Badagry and our Pastors the Odukoyas ministered to those believing God for the fruit of the womb. We were admonished to pick up our babies with our eyes of faith and to start rejoicing. Sister Yewande also agreed with me that something definite must happen that night. After the programme we kept on rejoicing and confessing that we have our baby although nothing in the physical had changed. In fact, I was on the second day of my period at the time of this ministration but it miraculously ended on that day.
By the following month. June 2000, I was confirmed pregnant and our handsome and healthy son was born on March 5, 2001, seven years after his sister. His name is ” OLUWAPEMISIN” meaning, ” it pays to serve God”. God is indeed faithful and with Him nothing is impossible.
Sade B. T
culled from God’s Waiting Room by Yewande Zaccheaus.

Final thought: Faith is in sizes, but like Jesus said, if yours is as little as a mustard seed( which you can hardly see in your palm) you will move mountains. Jesus was not mixing His words when He said so. Keep hearing God’s word, read about what He said about fruitfulness, personalize it and work with it. Fellowship with the brethren, fast and pray. Sooner than later we will come and rejoice with you and bring gifts for your wonderful baby. U r a mum IJN.