I got married in 1998. Like every young couple as much as we enjoyed having ourselves to each other, we looked forward to the kids coming at God’s own time. God
Own time was supposed to be like 6 months or a year later. The year stretched on to, 2, 3, then to……… Wait a minute what’s up? With us or with God?
About 5 years before I got married I had undergone Fibroid surgery. My fatherly doctor at that time had told me then to get married or get pregnant as soon as possible. Fortunately, I had just become born again and I was determined not to backside. I decided to trust God to provide the husband when His time was right. However that day did not happen till 6 years after the surgery.
Six months into the marriage, I started seeing doctors. My husband reluctantly went with me and we ran all the tests and were put on various medications. From that point on, it was from one doctor to another. Once I spend 6 months with a doctor and there is no result, I would move to another. Today its, “oh you have fibroid”, tomorrow it’s oh, low sperm count” then ” oh you have adhesions”, ” oh its hormonal imbalance, your prolactin level is high.” I was put on all sort of pills. At times the doctor would suspend my period for months.
From regular fertility treatment with antibiotics and a clomid, I graduated to injectables. From that to artificial insemination, (about 10 cycles) , then onto IVF ( about 3 cycles) then finally to ICSI (about 3-4 cycles). After all these, I finally told my husband I had enough. My life revolved around my menstrual cycle and doctors. My business was suffering and I had no social life.
After the second IVF, a renowned fertility doctor from Kings Hospital, England was asked to review my case. After a scan and the review of my case note, he said ” I think you should consider surrogacy. You have healthy eggs. You have good embryos but your uterus cannot sustain a pregnancy. You have multiple Myoma (fibroid). So the best thing to do is to get someone to carry the pregnancy for you”. The level of devastation and pain can only can only be imagined. At 33 plus, doctors had given up on me!. I wasn’t ready to give up then, so I went to South Africa to see yet another specialist. The verdict-laser Surgery to remove the fibroid. I decided to proceed with the surgery.
After the surgery I was shocked when I was told the laser couldn’t take out the out the fibroid as they were embedded unto my uterine walls. It was as if all hope had now gone. My husband and I encouraged ourselves and decided to use the opportunity to enjoy our stay in Cape Town. On arrival in Nigeria I booked in for another ICS/IVF which also failed.
While all these was going on, I continued in prayers, fasting and sacrificial giving on different levels. I made various pledges, church seats, pillars for our new church building, motherless babies and so on. I sowed into the lives of people and children in the hope that my harvest would finally come. Several times all on my own I would conduct a communion service taking bread and wine. I did all that I knew to do in faith. Looking back now, I know that none of the things I did was in vain. I learnt some important lessons along the way. I learnt that you cannot move faster than God. God will move in His own time to make all things beautiful. He will turn your captivity around and give you 7 fold restoration. That was what He did for me.

In February 2003, I decided to go for another fibroid surgery as it appeared that the pregnancy could not take place with those fibroid in my womb. I could not believe it when after surgery, I was told again that the fibroid could not be removed as all my internal organs and the fibroid had fused together. The doctor ( in Abuja) in fact took a video of the operation and asked me to show it to doctors anywhere in the world. He was certain that removing the massive fibroid would be at great risk to my life. My husband now asked what chance we had of conceiving if we were to try one more IVF cycle. The doctor said that considering the state of my womb, only 5%.
My husband declared that he was ready to give the 5% chance to God and see what He would do. God honoured his faith and I finally got pregnant in March 2003 and my joy knew no bounds when we were told it was TWINS! Even all through the pregnancy the attacks continued. I had threatened miscarriage at 12 weeks and I lost so much blood that I felt it was over. I couldn’t even pray anymore. Thank God for my husband, who stood in the gap for me. I remember calling my pastor crying and he said he wanted to talk to my husband. He told my husband that he needed to fall on his face before God pleading for mercy. He obeyed and God honoured us. At the time of my delivery, the doctors on scanning me marvelled that I could ever have carried two babies in my womb with these massive fibroid. At a point, one of my babies stopped growing in the womb qnd I had to be delivered at 32 weeks to save his life. He was 1.05kg at birth and the other boy was 1.9kg. To God be the glory, today at 18 months ( as at then) old, they look like 3 years olds.Very handsome, very intelligent.
My sisters, I went through so much physically, spiritually and emotionally but refused to give up. Never give up! It’s never too late with God. He truly makes the barren woman to keep home. Praise be the Lord.
Tokunbo E.
Curled from God’s Waiting Room. By Yewande Zaccheaus.
Final note: Just with 5% chance of pregnancy, 5% out of 100% was when God stepped in. God stepped in because the husband decided to let go and let God take control in faith. Always let God take over the wheel.
What is your case, is it worse than this? God will take over, Let Him drive you. U r a mum.