I got married on September 4,;1993, and joined this commission in December 1994. Bishop David Oyedepo gave his book, “You Shall Not Be Barren” to those desiring the fruit of the womb during the Victory Celebration 1998, and I got one. On the Thanksgiving day, as the Bishop was ministering, he looked in my direction and said, ‘ If satan cannot stop the day and the night, how can he stop you, when God said He used the ordinances of the day and night to verify covenant?’
The word caught fire in my spirit, and I said, ‘ Is it this simple?’ As long as I wake up to see the day and the night, then what God said about me is sure.’ I was in a hurry to leave the service that day. On getting home, I entered my room and shouted, satan, appear before me right now.’ Being intoxicated by faith, I asked satan, ‘ When God saved my soul from sin, where were you? Nowhere! , When He brought me into this Commission for my tears to be wiped away, Where were you? Nowhere! When He now said be fruitful and multiply, Where were you? Nowhere!’

I went further to tell him that God told me that as long as I see day and night exchanging positions, what He has said about me is guaranteed, since I am a covenant child, ‘So satan, I want you to make God a liar by stopping the night from coming, then I will no longer believe a Word from the Bible. I will also know that fruitfulness is a forgotten issue forever, and you will finally become my lord.’
At about 7:30 P.M that day, I screamed, ‘ Satan, shame on you! So you could not stop the night?’ I’d always thought that satan was the strong man behind my not having children for five years. But now I know that he is only a liar, toothless bulldog, skimmer, fool, deceiver, etc. I said, ‘As long as you could not stop the night, that means you cannot stop me from bringing forth my baby in nine months’ time, according to the word of the servant of God.’ I then went further and said, ‘ You spirit of barrenness, even your master the devil cannot stand before me, what are you to stand before me? Who art thou O mountain? Before Zerubbabel thou shall be made plain. Leave now, in Jesus’ name.’
I started announcing to everyone that I was pregnant that same day, because I was too sure that I was. A strong level of faith had risen within me. That was the day I became pregnant. I immediately started reading the book the Bishop gave me, because he instructed we read the book within seven days. On the seventh day I had read it four times, I refused to go out of the house until am through reading the book.
About four months into the pregnancy, the enemy came with threatened abortion, but couldn’t succeed. At five months, he came more severely such that the baby’s breathing could not be heard, and all the doctors were worried. But I had peace and told satan, ‘What the Lord doeth shall be forever. And he that hath began a good work in me will perfect it until the day of Christ.’
I had my baby, and when she was just six months old, I discovered I was pregnant again! Now, God has added a baby boy to the first two girls, to complete my joy and in fulfillment of His Word: ‘He maketh the barren to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children.”
– Oluwasola, P.
Culled from Signs & Wonders Today.—( A Catalogue Of The Amazing Acts Of God Among Men) By Bishop David Oyedepo.
– Let your faith go wild, your violent faith will definitely move mountains, U r a mum/ dad in Jesus name.