I got married in october 1975 and like all young brides expected to get pregnant and start a family shortly thereafter. A few years after, when no pregnancy was forthcoming, I began medical treatment in earnest. I went to Germany, Italy, England, Israel, France and USA in my search for the answer to my problem. As I was not in Christ then, people took me to many aladuras and native doctors in my desperate bid to have a child at all cost. You cannot begin to imagine the reproach and pressure I was under. I gave my life to Christ in 1982 and after moving around various Pentecostal churches, I finally settled into the Redeemed Christian Church of God where I found peace.

Sometime after this, I was watching a programme on TV and a woman from foursquare Gospel Church gave a testimony of her 16- year wait between her first and second child. Her testimony was my life, so I went in search of her at the Church and she counseled me and really helped strengthen my faith in the lord.

I relocated to England in order to continue with my infertility treatment.but in spite of the money spent and procedures undertaken we had no positive result. After a while many people were complaining I was not living with my husband and I was encouraged to come home and undergo the IVF treatment which was being pioneered by two specialists in LUTH. I returned in 1987 for the treatment.

There were three of us in the ward that evening to be prepared for the procedure…..At about 5.00am I went into the toilet to pray. I then clearly heard a voice says  “IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR ME” genesis-18-14

I looked around to see who spoke but no one was there. I knew it was the Lord. I cried out to the Lord that I believed nothing was too hard but how do I tell my husband that I didn’t want to go through with the procedure after checking into the hospital and being prepared. Whilst I was praying, one of the other women was wheeled into the theatre and had the procedure done. After that the nurses came back to apologise that the hospital had run out of the gas for anaesthetics and myself and the third lady could no longer undergo the procedure that we should pack and go home. That was the beginning of God’s manifestation in my life.

The doctors had also diagnosed that I had fibroid and I needed to have an operation to remove them. I had 2 fibroid operations but they kept growing back. When the third operation was recommended, I was reluctant to go for it as I was now spiritually mature and was convinced that the Lord would dry up the fibroid without my undergoing surgery……..I decided to have a period of three days praying and fasting (no food or water for three days) praying that the lord would dry up the fibroid. In spite of my faith and belief that God had done it, I was persuaded to go for the operation and I travelled to London clinic in England to have it done. To the glory of God when the doctors performed the laparoscopic to identify where the fibroid were lodged for easy removal, they found NOTHING!…………

Meanwhile the years kept rolling by and my miracle had not come. I did conceive once with IVF but miscarried at 4 months. The devastation was unspeakable. At a stage I started packing to leave my husband’s house. I set my suitcases all over my room and began to pack feeling I was not worthy to be his wife if I could not bear him children. God is so merciful, just at that time a Christian sister came to see me and began to pray and cast out the spirit of frustration that would lead me to take such a drastic step in spite of the love and support I was receiving from my husband.

The persecution was incredible. I received several anonymous letters abusing and telling me to leave the house. On a day I received a vindictive letter, a Christian brother came to see me and saw how depressed I was…. He reminded me of Hezekiah’s story in 2nd Kings Chapter 19. He told me like Hezekiah I should lay such letters on the altar of God and pray for mercy to come upon me and deliver me from this reproach. Is God not amazing? The Bible has an answer to everything, even how to deal with letters.

In 1995, alone in my house in London came the turning point in my life. It was a friday and the RCCG was having the first ever Holy Ghost service in London. However I woke up one morning and the devil attacked me with what I can only describe as the spirit of SELF PITY. A dangerous and evil spirit. I sat in front of the mirror and began to weep. I looked at myself and remembered all I had been through in 20 years of seeking the fruit of the womb. All my younger siblings’ children were already in the university……….. The only thing I did not do was consider killing myself
Sometime that afternoon, my pastor, Pastor Segun from RCCG in Wembley called. The minute I said ‘hello’ I burst into tears. He counselled and encouraged me, telling me that I could not be this way on the first Holy Ghost Service in London. I told him to forget it that I wasnt’ going. I had had enough. I remember telling him that I know God is good, so He should have mercy on me and bless me with a child!.

Eventually, my Pastor prevailed on me and I did go to the service. The very first prophesy that came forth from the G.O. Pastor Adeboye was as follows: ” There is a woman here. You have been accusing God, that you have been calling on Him and He has not heard. The Lord said I should tell you, He has heard”

I went straight on my knees, in the very narrow space between the chairs, weeping in repentance asking God for forgiveness. During the course of the night, the G.O. came forth with another prophesy, ” There is a woman here, you are thinking that at your age, God cannot do it. God says to tell you He can do it” . By the end of the service, it was clear to me that God had ordained that special Holy Ghost Service in London just for me.

From that day my faith had no limit. I never cried again over the matter. I hung on tenaciously to the word of God reading my bible diligently, fasting and praying………….., we travelled to the USA. Whilst there, I began to feel sick. At first I thought it was malaria then I thought it was menopause as I was now 47 years old. After I saw the first doctor who tested for malaria and it was negative, the Holy Spirit directed me to see another doctor. She decided to do all the tests including pregnancy test. She then came back to me that there was nothing wrong with me but I was also NOT pregnant. I laughed and started singing ” whose report shall you believe? I will believe the report of the Lord” I sang loud and clear and she obviously thought I was crazy. I rejected her report, my faith was at a supernatural level. As I was approaching the lift, l suddenly saw someone running towards me. The doctor came apologising, she had read the wrong report ( someone else’s)! My report was POSITIVE for PREGNANCY. Beloved I cannot tell you how I felt. I prostrated on the hospital floor and began to roll in worship of the Lord………..However, the Lord spoke to me and reminded me that when Elizabeth finally conceived, she hid herself for six months and I should likewise do the same( Luke 1 v24) I told no one, not my father nor father in-law. My position was that it is the delivery of a child that is announced, not the pregnancy……………….my daily confession was “He who began a good work in me, is abundantly able to perfect it”. I would pray over my medications and my doctors…………………….
My pregnancy was glorious and on April 2, 1998 at the age of 48 years after 22 years of waiting, I gave birth to my daughter Oluwademiladeomo ( God has given me a crown of a child), Oluwapamilerin ( God has made me laugh), Oluwasemilore ( God has done good for me).
………..My testimony is this, ” ….. The Lord turned me, a dry tree, to a living tree!”. Base your life on the word of God, meet it with a faith so resounding it must pull down the power from His throne of grace. Remember the Lord is presently present, to present presents to those who are presently present in His presence. The same God that did it for me, will surely do it for you in Jesus name. Amen.

Tinu Okunfulure.
Culled from God’s Waiting Room by Yewande Zaccheaus.
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