You know after waiting for four years and seven months, my wife, finally gave birth to our second daughter on the 17th day of August 2014. Then came this burden again, the burden to share information, to tell people waiting for the fruit of the womb that with God nothing is impossible, to tell them that with faith they can actually move mountains!. Though this idea first came in 2011, I only wrote it down then and it was only in September of 2014, that I decided to take that bold step of faith. I prayed, fasted and started. Am not so much of a computer literate, but am learning new tricks everyday. I met a friend and told him all I wanted and with a little token, the website and Facebook page was set. From September last year to this month of March, God has brought the website and Facebook page thus far!.
I am so grateful and I give glory to God! Without Him, nothing would have been possible. Am also thanking you wonderful and beautiful people who have taken time to view, like, comment, encourage, pray for those waiting for the fruit of the womb and share information on our site and Facebook page. Without you, there wouldn’t be this page and website. God will increase and bless you all. And to our couples waiting for the fruit of the womb, Faith can actually move mountains, faith can turn things around, faith can make your dreams come true, faith can make the impossible become possible, faith sees the ‘ can ‘ where others see the ‘ cannot’, faith is believing God irrespective of your condition or feelings, faith is seeing your baby in your mind’s eyes, faith is cuddling your baby even when he or she is not physically present, faith is loving your spouse and believing in your spouse that no matter what others say, God’s word must come to pass in your lives, faith is taking one more step!
I know somehow, God must have told you something about your baby maybe in a dream or vision, write it down. Pray with it, praise with it, war with it using God’s word, activate your faith and see things God’s way. Don’t give up on God, He has never and won’t give up on you. THANK YOU ALL !!!!!! U r a mum /dad IJN. Fb callmemum