I got married in 2002, and since then have been believing God for the fruit of the womb. I went for the great event, Mothers Of Nations during Shiloh ( a yearly Spiritual meeting in Living Faith Church) 2003, where God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, prayed for us and said we shouldn’t pray about it again but expect our miracle babies.
During the Covenant Day of Fruitfulness service in August 2004, the Bishop declared that we shall not be barren as covenant children of God, because not even our cattle is permitted to be barren.
I was going out in the evening one day and saw a hen with her chicks in front of me. This caught my attention, and I heard the Bishop’s voice saying, ‘Not even among your cattle.’ I said ‘ this hen and her chicks are among my cattle, and they are not permitted to be barren. Why then should I be barren?’ This provoked something in me, and I could not proceed further to where I was going. I went back home and prayed. I told the Lord, ‘If a hen is not permitted to be barren, then I must not be barren. I cannot be barren and I should not be barren.’
My faith was enlivened, and I knew within me that God must do something and wipe away my tears. Heaven heard, and behold in september 2004, God gave me my precious gift! I became pregnant and was delivered of a bouncing baby girl in June 2005. My turning point was delivered to me in our year of Turning Point. God who answered Hannah and removed her shame proved Himself in my life.”
–  Sis A.B.
– Culled from Signs & Wonders Today (A catalogue of the Amazing Acts of God Among Men) by Bishop David Oyedepo.
Final note.
God works in mysterious ways, one little act of faith from you can just be that turning point in your life. Jesus said if your faith is as little as a Mustard seed, you can move a mountain. Testimonies are meant to be duplicated, when you read them, apply them to your own situation and ‘run with them.’ May the good Lord have mercy and send down your babies. U r a mum and a dad in Jesus name.