The  challenge about getting healed,  that is if there is anything wrong with you,  is not in, –can God do it?–but in –can you believe?— do you have the faith to receive that healing?—   I have seen and heard men and women coming out to testify how doctors told them they can’t have babies because they had either no womb or no sperm but, when they turned to God,  their stories changed and babies came! —– Were the doctors right?  Yes they were! They give you the facts. But we have a God,  a God that works with the truth only—-and His word says in the beginning,  it was not soooo!— God has made you in His image– He is a productive God!, You too, shall produce your baby!.

Patience is a virtue that works with faith to give you that expected end. Do not be too much in a hurry, let your heart stay on God.  The two groups I mentioned above that testified,  did not get their results overnight! God works with patient minds. When you know what God can do, you are not moved by whatever the happenings are around you. Remember, God works in mysterious ways, when your heart is stayed on Him,  He goes to work on your behalf.

He does His works by His word, Psalm 107:20  says  –He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their  destruction!  The word of God that you have in your heart,  that you are able to confess every now and then without doubting will surely give you your results! The word of God is all-powerful,  the word of God is Jesus personified!  When Jesus (the Word)  came,  there was nothing that was too difficult for Him to do. He cured the sick, made the leper walk, made the blind to see, raised the dead, stopped the flowing blood e.t c  . Was there anything He could not do???   That same Jesus (the word) said in John 6: 63,  –these words that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life—-  Take a look at John 1 :1   the bible says in the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God!

It was this same word that was sent in the beginning, it was this same word that David was talking about in Psalm 107:20,  it was this same word that finally came personified as Jesus! That did all the miraculous works. That word is still the same word today, the Word Of God! Let us maximize our lives by delving into and acting upon  the word of God!.   Our  challenge like I have said earlier is in patiently reading,  assimilating and acting upon the word. Our God does not say a thing and contradict Himself. He is perfect!

The word of God is surgical, it can spiritually operate on you without using knives or lasers, it will take off whatever is not wanted in your body! The word of God can create and replace whatever is missing from your body. It all depends on your faith. Believe His word, He is a good God! Your babies shall surely come.  U r a mum/dad In Jesus Name.