Here are a few tips

Our prayers and wish for you, is that you get pregnant when you so desire in your marriage. And certainly, this can be a success when your are ready.

To discover whether or not you are in baby-making shape – also to find out precisely what adjustments will help. Have a preconception checkup with your doctor  and mind you, this might not deal immediately with any health concerns. Relax!!!  Talk to God and forge ahead believing He will see you through.

The specialist may really encourage you to consider hereditary screening to find out if you or maybe your partner are carriers of passed down ailments for example  Sickle Cell condition, among others. This is to ensure a healthy newborn, and all it takes is often saliva or maybe blood test from                                                                    WHEN DO I OVULATE?

When do I ovulate? This is a big question especially if you have an irregular one.

Knowing when you ovulate( release of an egg from your ovary) will help in achieving pregnancy. Think about the egg as being a bull’s-eye and the sperm as arrows. One of many arrows should hit the bull’s-eye if you want to be mummy and daddy

Figuring out when you ovulate ensures that you along with your partner may discover the bull’s-eye which you must shoot for, rather than just shooting or capturing a variety of arrows that will do no help.

Your physician will help you out in knowing your ovulation period.


Once you know or guess when your egg will be produced from your ovary, is the right time to get it on.Both of you must be active during these days and if possible  perform on your nearly all fertile days: from about three days to a week before ovulation.

You then have a choice of days to weeks intended for baby-making sex due to the fact  that sperm can survive up to 6 days or even more in your body but the egg can only survive one day. Which means if you have sex Monday, sperm can live within your fallopian tube, anticipating an egg to float by, until around Thurs . – or maybe even  Saturday.

In case you are unsure when your fertile interval will be, here is an easy rule: Attack the bed sheets almost every other evening. Sex this much often means you will have balanced sperm waiting within your fallopian tube each day,



Now this might sound ridiculous but it is for real. We have some women who are herbalist and at the same time can Massage( more of this in subsequent articles).Now these are herbalist not divinist or ‘witch doctors’ .They can massage the womb and put it back in position to become receptive to the sperm. Do you know the womb can shift from its normal position? Yes! .

Like I said, more of this in subsequent articles.



Semen have their full capacity  to perform when they are balanced, robust, and also abundant. A number of things can help your partner produce his sperm supply in combating force.


A:Your alcohol intake. Studies  have shown that too much intake of alcohol may be harmful and tends to improve the number of abnormal sperm.

B:Cigarette smoking and other harmful drugs causes poor sperm function.

C:Eat enough nutritional requirements – such as zinc, folic acid, calcium, and other vitamin products– these produces healthy, robust, wiggly sperm.

D:Warm tubs, saunas, and also warm bath should be minimized,considering that heat will kill sperm.

Both partners can take folic acid a month before the period you decide to try.


Do not worry about a thing, and as partners do not allow a third partner, not even parents. You are both adults,  let God be the only other person to relate with.

And about age, you know what they say, ‘ age aint nothing but a number’. Let this be the mentality you carry in waiting on God for the fruit of the womb. How old was Sarah? Think about that for a second. In this present age, we have seen women give birth even in their late forties and fifties.

No matter what you do or take in trying to get pregnant, put God first, put your trust in Him. There is nothing too difficult for Him to do.