Heard a testimony recently about a couple who had waited for some years without a baby. They started doing all they could including fasting and prayers. She finally got pregnant but, not without challenges. The challenges were coming from all sides but they kept moving forward.
She clocked nine months successfully by His grace, but, the battle wasn’t over. At the hospital, in the delivery room, the baby almost didn’t want to come out but with prayers from all areas, the baby came forth. Later, the happy new mum’s mum claimed she was responsible for the delay in her getting pregnant / delivery.
She did not want her daughter to give birth because she felt her daughter would transfer her love away from her to her newborn baby. What a world!!!
Now this is not meant for you to start witch hunting around your home or neighborhood but the truth be told, there are too many wicked people around. This is why you must always hold on to God no matter what. They will always come, but you will always win if you faint not. A champion must keep fighting to keep his/her crown. You are defeated when you stop fighting. Even Jesus said…. In this world you will have tribulations, challenges etc, but He did not stop there, He went further to say… But be of good cheer for I have overcome…. .
Challenges will always come, being a born again Christian, spirit filled does not make you invisible to them, as a matter of fact, the challenges sometimes come more for the Christian because the devil wants to break you to succumb to his ways. But, when he sees your stand, unmovable stand for God and His ways, he flees!!!.
Can you see your baby, do you know that God has done it already? Then keep believing in faith that your baby must come. The mind can be funny sometimes, trying to put down, don’t let it, you need to keep it under check every second, every minute. The wicked ones may come from all sides, but your stand with God shall see you through. I know for sure that His promises for you are not going down the drain, your baby must manifest! U r a mum /dad in Jesus name.