Calvary greetings. I am sister P. S from Kaduna, a Godhead member, under Kaduna Chapter. I came into the fellowship of the Jesus women about 17 years ago. …….I give glory to God for everything He has done in my life…………….l married at the age of 19, on 30th September 1991.

After one year in marriage, my husband’s parents started giving me herbs (traditional medicine) to take in order to conceive. There was no type of herb within my reach that I did not drink. My mother in-law took me to a particular “church” for prayers where she spent money). At the mountain, I drank their holy water and bath with it also, but there was no solution. My husband and I visited native doctors where some will say I have a spirit husband. Some would say somebody blocked my womb.

We did all they asked us to do in order to conceive but to no avail. I started visiting hospitals and spending money but the solution did not come. After three years of marriage my husband’s family and some of his friends that were not born again told him to take another wife because as their tradition demands, a local chief cannot stay without a child ( my husband is a traditional title holder) He actually got married and had his first issue the same year.

He married two other women who all gave birth to children. Everything brought to the house gave birth except me. Animals like cats, dogs, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, cows etc. I made up my mind to serve God more than before, trust God more and forsaking other means of conception that are contrary to the will of God.
When I joined this ministry, The Godhead Ministry, I received a lot of teaching and encouragement that built my faith the more. I continued waiting upon the Lord standing my ground and my faith increased the more without shaking, even though at times, due to pressure from within and without, mockery and other challenges, my fait was contented with, but whenever it comes, I quickly run to God. He encouraged me and gave me more strength because I trusted God and will not accept to go back to native doctors. At one point, I was told that all my prayers do not go beyond the ceiling.. I cried and used the mockeries as prayer points for God to be merciful and answer me so that my accusers will know, I have a living God.
The latter years of my waiting were full of challenges, trials and temptations. I received great encouragement from Spirit and Life Bible Church, Kaduna branch, the chapter pastor and his wife, including members of JWPM —— When it was time for me to be blessed, all the hurdles, obstacles like the so-called spirit husband, somebody blocking my womb, blocked tubes, gave way and I received power to conceive from the Lord.

God blessed me with the fruit of the womb. I gave birth to a baby boy after 22 years of marriage. GLORY BE TO GOD!. My testimony did not end there, within three months after my delivery, I got pregnant again. I delivered my second baby, a girl , GLORY BE TO GOD! Help me pray for my children to be kingdom children, that they will grow to know God, obey God, work for God, to be full of knowledge and wisdom. Children that will bring peace and joy and be useful to God, me and the entire family, the church and the society as a whole. Thank you.


Sis P. S
Culled from Spirit And Life Bible Church publication.
Note: There is nothing too difficult for God to do. After she gave her life to Christ, she stood firm believing.. 22 years of waiting is no joke!. But she conquered.!