I heard a true life story recently from one of my sisters who lives and work in Auchi, Edo state in Nigeria as a nurse. We got talking and she told me about two women who gave birth last year at 54 years and the other, over 54 years. The interesting thing there was that both women were not even waiting, because they had stopped giving birth over ten to fifteen years before the new arrivals. They thought they had past their time but they were wrong. They still gave birth normally, babies okay and mothers okay. I am using this medium to talk to somebody today. Who said you have past your time, who told you, you are too old to give birth, who told you it is impossible for you to give birth?. One thing you must have in mind is “Nothing is impossible for God to do”.
In my own sober reflection, I pondered a lot on this, wondering why is it that those who are not in need anymore of children ” receiveth” but others who would do anything just to have their babies, are still believing and waiting. —The answer came immediately, firstly, no one can ask Him why. Secondly, maybe those children came for a reason that only God knows about. Furthermore, maybe He is taking you somewhere known by Him alone. Maybe your baby has taken this long because God wants to use him in the future for something only He can tell. Maybe He wants your faith activated in a certain way. Maybe He is waiting for you to dump some negative things, attitude etc. Maybe He is telling you to get closer to Him, who knows?.-But in all, no one should stop trying, fighting, praying, fasting, meeting doctors and living a joy-filled life. He surely must meet you up with your miracle baby.
One thing I know, is that your baby must come. Just keep doing all you can. You must be a mum/dad in Jesus name.