Someone told me a story the other day and I want to share it with you.
A pastor went into a village known for its diabolical ways and challenged the sorcerers to come forth and show their strength. While he was there, the village gathered to see what the man of God was powerful enough to do. None of the sorcerers came out to meet with him. All of a sudden the weather changed and the man of God declared, this rain cannot fall. If this rain falls, then I am not a servant of God. He had not finished his statement when the rains started, it dispersed everyone, and the man of God angrily left the place, threw away his bible away and entered a bar. He drank himself to stupor. “If the God I am serving cannot stand by me when I need Him, then there is no use serving Him”  he thought. Just then, one of the village sorcerers entered the bar and ran towards the man of God ” Man of God!, man of God!!, I have looked for you everywhere “—- I am not a man of God,( retorted the Pastor) why did my God not answer me when I needed Him’ —The sorcerer replied,” Yes you are a man of God because God is with you. When you started preaching I brought out what I had to send you to your early grave, but the rains started and I saw a shield covering you, which made it impossible for me to do you any harm. Your God is truly great and I have come to give my life to your God’!

Sometimes we ask God for one thing but He takes us round and round or end up giving us that which we do not think we need. If we only know God for who He really is?! He is always working out things for our good. Don’t give up on Him, when you don’t see the things you ask for immediately.  Don’t complain, He is always working for your good and most times, behind the scene. Don’t murmur!. Your baby must come! U r a mum/dad in Jesus name.
Franky O.