“I have said ye are gods…..” We see this both in Psalm 82:6 and in the book of John 10:32 where Jesus was trying to tell them and us who we really are! — As gods on earth, we are representatives of God the Father! Ambassadors!! But if we do not know this or believe this, we will not attain our full potentials in life- Now, can you imagine Jesus being afraid, Jesus not speaking forth what He wants to see? that will be strange! Stand firm and do not be afraid to speak the right words about your babies. People of God, your babies are right there in your wombs and in your loins, begin to command them to come forth and COME they will! Having faith in God while waiting for the fruit of the womb is not just about reciting what the bible says about you but in total believe of what the bible has said concerning you. This mindset makes you a winner all the time. This mindset already knows the devil to be a trickster, this mindset is ready for any surprises and when they do come, only the right words and the right attitude always prevail. This mindset knows that the end of all the challenges, delays, shall surely come and testimonies upon testimonies shall rule thereof.

When you have done your part, stand patiently, knowing it is done!. You must however be ready for the surprises that might come, things may seem to be turning upside down, don’t throw in the towel because that is the trickster at work. The truth of the matter is, that is when God is putting all things right for you. Your baby must come. U  r a mum/dad in Jesus name.