Have you guys taken time out to think about the food we eat, what we drink, and our environment compared to our parents or forefathers! –We all know that there were delays here and there in achieving pregnancy in their time but the truth remains— It was never this much!!—.The food we eat, what we drink and our lifestyle,  all have a way of affecting our bodies and our reproductive system. This is why you need detoxification of your body, from time to time.  Go to a pharmacy around you, buy a pack of pH test strip, put one under your tongue for about 15-20 seconds or ask the pharmacist how to use it. I met Bose Okunade one of my followers on callmemum and she opened my eyes to a world of pH levels. She is a distributor  with Nichben Revitalizer and other products.

Determining the cause of delay in achieving pregnancy is sometimes so frustrating and most couples don’t even know where to start or stop. Have you ever checked your pH level? pH is a certain percentage of water molecules in our bodies. It is either acidic or alkaline. The more alkaline these moleinfant-and-motherscules are, the better the chances of getting pregnant. The more acidic these molecules are, the lesser or no chances of getting pregnant. The causes are enormous, from Obesity, Elevated or reduced hormone levels, Age,  stress, anxiety, Dehydration, Use of certain prescription medications, Use of lubricants that are toxic to sperm, Exposure to environmental toxics, etc. Get the pH test strip from any pharmaceutical shop, check your pH level and start your general body cleansing. This applies to both male and female.

Sperm can live in an alkaline environment but easily dies off in an acidic one. Everyone’s body is 70% water, but how clean is this water?. This is a question that most of us do not really bother ourselves with, especially with couples experiencing delays in achieving pregnancy. Though our bodies can stand a reduction or an increase in our pH levels, the sperm has no chance of survival in a reduced pH level (acidic) environment.  The sperm cannot travel through the vagina, cervical canal into the fallopian tubes successfully in an acidic or low pH environment. The sperm cannot  get to an egg to fertilize it and so the couples wait and wait without getting pregnant. According to our findings, the woman’s vagina pH normal level is between 3.8 – 4.5, but during ovulation,  it is between 7-14  ( You can also get these testing kits from any of the pharmaceutical shops)   .Do the vagina test yourself  in the comfort of your home.

The most common reason for low pH  is the junk food we eat which has so much acid, the drinks we take daily, images-38 even the water we drink,  bottled or not and Our lifestyle. Fungi, bacteria and virus  which causes all diseases flourish in an acidic environment. But in an alkaline environment, they don’t flourish because alkaline in an enemy to fungi, bacteria and virus in the body. Drink more of alkaline water, eat alkaline fruits like banana, berries, apple, orange, watermelon, lemon, melon, grapes.— Eat alkalin vegetables like,onions, peas, cucumber, lettuce, pepper, spinach, broccoli etc. Eat alkaline spices like ginger, curry, cinnamon etc.

Back in those days,  every home had a garden in front or behind the house with fresh vegetables and fruits, but now, the vegetables and fruits we eat are grown with chemicals that are harmful to our reproductive organs. This is why we need cleansing of our bodies.

Speak to your doctor about this and take proper steps. For those who are waiting,  I think this is a good place to start.  The God that sees it all will have mercy upon you and bless you with your miracle babies. U r a mum/dad IJN.

Contributors— Franky Okojie and Bose Sessi Okunade ( a distributor with Nichben  Revitalizer. For more information,  call –08080212119)